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  • Chutney Pattice
    Mint and Coriander chutney encased in masala potatoes batter fried.
  • Home Style Egg Selection
    Sali per edu , tomato per edu , akoori on toast OR chicken maiwala.
  • Kolmi Na Kebab
    Crisp prawns with ginger garlic and Parsi seasoning.
  • Chicken Farcha
    Chicken marinated overnight in a spicy tomato base masala dipped in semolina and beaten eggs and fried.
  • Traditional Parsi Cutlets
    Spiced Vegas/meat s served with tomato garlic chutney - Vegetables, Chicken, Bheju ( Lamb Brain ), Mutton.


  • Dhan Dal Prawn Patio
    Prawns cooked in temarind and jaggery , served with Parsi Dal & Rice.
  • Parsi Curry & Rice
    Curry prepared with coconut & cream Chicken/Prwan.
  • Patra Ni Machi
    Banana leaf wrapped steamed promfret marinated with mint & coriander chutney.
  • Saas Ni Machi
    Pomfret cooked in brown onion, rice flour, egg & sugarcane vinegar.
  • Jerdaloo Sali Marghi
    Chicken cooked in brown onion and apricot curry.
  • Aleti Paleti
    Chicken & gizzard tossed with Indian Spices.
  • Jerdaloo Sali Boti
    Lamb stewed in roast onion & apricot curry.
  • Kid Ghost
    Shank of lamb in coconut and cashewnut curry.
  • Mutton Pulao Dal
    Aromatic meat and saffron pilaf served with Parsi dal.


  • Vegetable Dhansak With Kebab
    Vegetables cooked in lentils, served with whole spiced pilaf and kebab.
  • Patra Ni Paneer
    Banana leaf wrapped in Indian cottage cheese marinated with mint & coriander.
  • Bhindi Masala
    Stir fried baby okra filled with coconut & cumin.
  • Lagun Nu Stew
    Stir fry of sweet potato, beans, carrots & peas toddes in sugarcane vinegar.
  • Bhaji Dana
    Tender spinach & fenugreek leaves tossed with coriander.

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